Logitech wireless keyboard


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Logitech mx keys

Logitech MX Keys is optimized for the Apple suite of products, with a Mac layout and customizable Fn keys for a seamless workflow.

Use Logitech Options to customize your layout.

Spherically dished to match your fingertips, keys offer feedback at every tap.

A matte surface gives an effortless glide, while tactile references ensure natural hand positioning.

Type more confidently thanks to a remarkably stable design.

The wireless keyboard for mac is held together with a single metal plate for a sleek, minimalist finish that looks – and feels – superior.

Type day or night with responsive LED lighting. Backlit keys light up as your hand's approach, with brilliant illumination that changes to suit conditions while saving battery life.

Logitech MX Keys follows a Flow-enabled mouse from iPad to laptop to computer for seamless typing, copying, and pasting.

EASY to RECHARGING There’s no need for a dongle. Use a USB-C to USB-C charging cable to top up power for gaming or work.

Logitech MX Keys keeps its charge for up to 10 days or 5 months with backlighting off.

System Requirements - USB Receiver : Required: available USB port, macOS 10.15 or later, Bluetooth : Required: Bluetooth Low Energy, macOS 10.15 or later, iPad 13.1, iOS 9 or later.

Logitech MX Keys to buy on Amazon with a mean rating of 4.5 stars rating and many reviews.

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Logitech k380 wireless keyboard

Logitech k380 wireless keyboard pair up to three wireless devices directly with the straightforward touch of an Easy-Switch button.

Easy to Switch allows you to connect to any Bluetooth device. It easy to switch between them using a simple press of either F1, F2 or F3 (buttons are yellow in the image).

That supports an external keyboard, including an iPhone, iPad and Android tablet, or Windows PC.

This lightweight, small-sized Bluetooth keyboard gives you full functionality within a minimalist layout. It takes up less space in your bag and at your desk, so you'll take it wherever you want to type.

Skip the effort of frequently replacing batteries with up to 2 years of life for this Bluetooth keyboard.

Enjoy desktop typing on a mobile, tablet or laptop with this universal wireless keyboard, which perfectly adapts to Windows, Mac, Chrome OS android, iOS or AppleTV. Detects your specific device and automatically maps keys to offer you your familiar shortcuts.

Compatible with wired, wireless, Bluetooth or gaming mice for more productivity and comfort and Numpad for efficient data inputs, Bluetooth/USB, scooped keys, cradle to carry your phone.

Logitech k380 wireless keyboard to buy on amazon with a mean rating of 4.5 stars rating and many reviews.

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